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MBA Small And Medium Business Management Online Program

MBA in Small and Medium Business Management is a 2-year postgraduate degree program at the University of Mysore. Small and mid-size entities are economy-boosting units. A tuition centre, salon, art studio, or online retailing venture could be small-sized but needs a strategic administrative approach to success. The course aims to develop the dynamic virtues of management in the learners and help them realise their big dreams of building an SME or working for it.

location : United States
duration : 2 years
total credit : 85
Fees : USD 6,308

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Recognised & accredited



  • UGC-Accredited Degree Program
  • Learning Management System (LMS) Powered
  • Credit System Based Learning
  • E-Learning Material
  • Same Equivalence of Regular Programs
  • 24/7 support
  • Flexible Fee-Plan

Program Duration

MBA Small And Medium Business Management is a 2-year degree program. Each year is divided into two semesters. Continuing to pass all four semesters you complete the program.


  • A Graduate in any stream from a recognized University.
  • Foreign students - 15 years of education.

Degree Awarded

Successful completion of the program shall award the degree titled - Master of Business Administration in Small And Medium Business Management. The University of Mysore is UGC and NAAC accredited to offer the online MBA Business Management Degree program. The degree holds the same merit as a regular one. It’s universally accepted and validated for further education and job prospects.

MBA Degree
  • Management Concepts & Theories
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Business Environment
  • Managerial Communication
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Managerial Economics
  • Statistics for Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Legal aspects of Business
  • Operations Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • To be uploaded...
  • To be uploaded...



university of mysore
university of mysore
university of mysore
university of mysore


How to reach University of Mysore Online for admission?

Reaching the University of Mysore online for admission is a click away with the "Apply now" button set on our website pages for easy accessibility. Our chat assistance is available for your help!

How to get an application form online?

Getting an application form online is procedural and involves a few steps:
  1. You create an account on our website using your Google or Facebook IDs. Post that, you are led to fill up an online application form by providing your contact details (name, email id, and phone number).
  2. We will send you an email link and an SMS code on your phone to verify your details. (A candidate logged in with google id does not require email verification.)
  3. Once verified, you may start the application process by - selecting the program; and filling in personal, academic, and professional details. (You can upload such particulars in the form of a document file directly on the system.)
  4. Confirming your email address and phone number on clicking the sent link at your email address and SMS code, you start the application process by furnishing your personal, academic, and professional details.
    Now choose a plan and make a payment in the favor of the University. With the successful completion of the fee, click the “submit button”, it submits your application form for approval.
  5. If approved, you get a welcome email with a pdf of the fill-in-the application form attached.

Is there any registration charge for applying to any online program?

For applying to any online program, we do not charge a registration fee separately.

How can I apply if I don’t have my final year marksheets/degree?

In the absence of your final year marksheet or degree you can apply for admission. Though within 2 months of your admission you have to submit it otherwise your admission can be cancelled.

How do I know when my registration is complete?

We inform the candidates on the verification status and registration of their application. We send a welcoming email or call to each newly admitted student.

Who to contact for further admission related queries?

For any query from admission and post it, at any stage, you can reach us through - chat, or email, or direct calling.

How do I access my online course?

With the admission in the course program you receive a student portal where you would find the online resources/materials. Study material comprises: e-learning material/book, recorded lectures, and pdfs.

What kind of study material is given?

Study material comprises: e-learning book, recorded lectures, and ppts. The e-learning content based on the syllabus and academic books and resources are useful in learning the subject.

Is it mandatory to submit assignments?

Yes, submitting assignments and clearing the semester exams you progress in your academic program to the next level.

Who should I contact if I have further questions related to post enrollment?

For any enrollment issues or queries, you can reach our student support department via email, chats, and calls.

How to collect a degree, if I am unable to attend the convocation?

Students can receive their degree through courier or postal mode at the address furnished in the registration form.

What is an online program?

An online program is a study program where a learner enrols, studies, gives exams, and earns the degree virtually. It differs from any other regular offline program only in terms of the mode. The structural aspects like the syllabus form, course-duration, evaluation strategy, and degree awarded holds the same equilency as regular programs. Pursuing an online program from an accredited university offers a degree acceptable and acknowledged worldwide.

How does the University of Mysore online program work?

The University of Mysore offers different online postgraduate and graduate academic programs across all the major disciplines. Programs are degree oriented and virtual in the real sense. You will enrol, study through the provided e-content, give semestrial exams, and earn a degree online. Each program is structured and designed to provide comprehensive learning.

Can I write the UPSC examination or any competitive examination after doing an online program?

Yes, sure. The government of India approves the online mode of education and has allowed distinct universities to offer education virtually. Hence, pursuing an online graduation or post graduation degree from a recognized university is acceptable and acknowledged at UPSC examination or any competitive examinations.

Is University of Mysore UGC approved?

Yes. The University of Mysore is UGC approved and acknowledged as an autonomous institution by the government of India. It holds Institutional Accreditation from the University Grants Commission of India (since 1916) and other specialized or programmatic accreditations like NAAC, NIRF, and AICTE.

Is the University of Mysore approved by AICTE?

Yes. The University of Mysore is approved by the AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education). It makes all the postgraduate and graduate programs offered at the university accredited.

Who is eligible to do online programs?

Universities approved for offering online education specify academic eligibility program wise and usually do not set age restrictions. At the University of Mysore you are eligible to do an online program if:
  • You must have passed class 12 for enrolling in any graduate program.
  • You must have passed graduation to pursue any postgraduate degree program.
  • Can I work while pursuing an online course?

    One of the most admiring features of online education is that pursuing an online course is manageable while working. A student enrolled in an online course gets e-material and does not need to visit the campus for enrolment, class attendance, assessments, and receiving the degree. Under online education, a student studies at its pace and place on the convenience of time and location.

    Who will benefit from online programs?

    It’s you, the student that benefits from online learning. It offers you the liberty to study at its pace and place. A student enrolled in an online course gets e-material and does not need to visit the campus for enrolment, class attendance, assessments, and receiving the degree.

    What technology requirements do I need for online programs?

    A computer system equipped with a web camera, microphone, and internet connection (minimum speed 1 Mbps) are the basic technical componential requirements for pursuing education online.

    Is an online degree any different from the one that is earned on-campus at University of Mysore?

    An online program is an ‘online full-time course’. Online education varies from the ‘regular’ in terms of mode only. The course structure and the validity it offers does not differentiate it from the offline mode. A student pursuing an online program shall have internal assessments, project works, semestrial exams and evaluations, and attendance requisites similar to regular aspects.

    Do I need to purchase textbooks or software?

    Studying under the online mode does not necessitate purchasing textbooks or software. You get e-learning material with the enrolment. Though for each subject, it also provides links and names of sources for enriching learning and reading further.

    How long will it take to complete an online program?

    An online program is a full-time course. A graduate degree is usually of 3 years duration and a postgraduate degree is of 2 years.

    Is Online Mode of Education Valid for Government Jobs?

    Yes, sure. The government of India approves the online mode of education and has allowed various universities to offer education virtually. Hence, a degree earned through an approved university entitles you to work for government jobs.

    Are scholarships available?

    The University of Mysore does not offer scholarships. Studying with the UoM is highly affordable compared to others.